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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Living Kidney Donation: Act of Kindness from the Donors but no Incentives from the Government

When I started my nephrology fellowship training, I was saddened with the quality of life our dialysis patients live. I started this blog with the goal of dedicating time and effort to add some quality to these patients lives.

Dialysis patients are by far the most complicated patients in medical field. Even with their best adherence to medical therapy, their survival is only 20%. Yet, if they get a living kidney donation, they can live much longer with close to normal quality of life.

As a society, we have focused for paying medical bills for the dialysis patient but have not looked at how to provide incentives to encourage living kidney donation. I have seen this youtube video and was blow away with the facts this speaker presented. Please look at this video and let me know what do you guys think are possible incentives that might increase living kidney donation.

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